Hi there.

It's Matt DeAngelis, former Director of Scotland Humane. One of the first things I noticed is that the board and a good number of the employees don't respect you, the people of Scotland County.

I heard story after story of the disrespectful way you were treated, and I definitely felt some of that same disrespect.

The Board of Directors at SCHS needs to change, and the organization needs to be more responsive to the people who pay their way -- you.

Members of the board made things up to get rid of me, and I already see the backslide back to the way things were. Change can be painful, and I'm used to being a lightning rod for those who have an interest in keeping the status quo.

Members of the board certainly qualify. I have found that those people tend to be like cockroaches -- they scurry around in the dark and disappear when too much light is shined on them.

The board only cares about itself, and truly doesn't care about you or the animals.

Their actions speak much louder than their words. Watch them.

Of the job choices I had, I took this one, which paid about half of what I was worth, not to win a popularity contest but to save more animals and make SCHS a part of the community again. I didn't expect the hostility, nor the underhanded tactics to get rid of me. You can't hurt me with this -- you're only hurting the innocent animals I came to help.

I plan to sue them all personally, and hope to get some money together to open a competing shelter that is there for the animals and the people of this county, as opposed to just for them and their rescue pals.

In the meantime, don't believe everything you hear. Matthew 7:15-20 says "you will know them by their fruits." Watch their fruits and hold their feet to the fire. The innocent animals are owed that.

Make your voice heard!

Kevin Patterson, Scotland County Administrator